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What To Do During the Pregnancy

So, your surrogate is pregnant! Congratulations! The baby is on it’s way, and now it’s time to… what?… … … What do you do when your surrogate is pregnant? What goes on between the day your pregnancy is confirmed and the day your baby is delivered? You and your surrogate are going to have a lot to talk about, but how do you navigate those days when she’s going through the physical and emotional journey of pregnancy? Here are a few ways to start.


This is the biggest thing you can do for your surrogate (or your Intended Parents!). You have 9 months to get ready for the baby of your dreams. And your surrogate’s dream for this journey is to see you happy, to watch you become the parents you hope to be. That journey really starts the moment you’re pregnant! The tiny little clothes, the socks, the crib in the nursery, the baby showers, the family gatherings with photos of the people that little baby is going to know… all of the little things you do over those months to prepare are part of your new parenting journey, don’t be afraid to share them!  (Here’s a photo from our pregnancy journey – the baby quilt I made for our little girl!)

A photo from our journey


Be open and honest every step of the way

Most importantly, be open and honest every step of the way. You will get worried. About something. At some point. And you’ll wonder if it’s ok to talk to your surrogate. When that happens, you can absolutely call us! We’re here to help you talk through what worries you and what steps you can take. And when it comes to your surrogate, a commitment to be open and honest from the beginning helps when anxieties come up.

And as Crystal, a surrogate and mom, told us recently, “Just to be present and involved as much as possible..” Which brings us to our next point…

Go to appointments when you can!

Crystal continues, “Come to as many appointments as you can and call or message and ask how your surrogate is feeling and doing.”

You’ll know well ahead of time the kinds of appointments and medical steps you and your surrogate will prepare for and you can always call us if you forget.

Talk to your surrogate about heading to appointments together. You won’t regret going. Seeing the heartbeat, seeing that little face on the sonogram, these are magic moments you will not forget (and your surrogate will love seeing the look on your face!).

You're pregnant! Yay!

Call us.

There is a lot of waiting during the pregnancy. The days tick by, then the weeks, then the months. Call us. There are a few things you’ll want to make sure you’re preparing for. Do you know the hospital where you will deliver?? Do you think you’ll take a tour? When is your attorney filing with the court for your parentage hearing?

There’s a list of things we’ll want to touch base on during your pregnancy. That’s why you have us on your team. So call us. We’re here for you any time!

This blog post is part of a series describing each part of the Surrogacy Timeline.  Check out this blog post to start from the beginning and read along to find out what it takes to make your surrogacy dreams come true!

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