Taylor – A Sibling Project in a Strong, Beautiful Community

In the latest episode of Hope Works, we are proud to introduce you to an amazing mom and incredible surrogate, Taylor.  Press play below to hear Taylor describe her journey with two parents from Paris. When we talked, Taylor was navigating a second surrogacy journey – a sibling project – with her IPs, and she told us how surrogacy has taken her life to “a whole new place.”

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Taylor is a Madison mom raising her kids not far from the Hope Surrogacy office. The Hope Team gets to see Taylor fairly often, but for the host of Hope Works, Brent Love, recording this podcast was the first time he met this mom of three and surrogate to twin girls. In this episode, Taylor talks about meeting her IPs – two dads from France – and how her own uncle was gay and a big inspiration for her incredible journey.

Since we recorded this episode, Taylor has navigated her sibling project through a few bumps in the road. It hasn’t been easy. So, for a special post, we’re checking back in with Taylor to see how things have gone and where she’s headed next.

Taylor - Incredible Mom and Surrogate now doing a sibling project

Catching up with Taylor

Brent Love:  So, first can I ask the big question – When we talked you were on your way to a sibling project. How has that gone?

Taylor: We’re still working on getting the paperwork and everything in order at the new clinic.  We’re closer now than when you and I chatted last, for sure. Sometimes it takes so much patience to make small steps when it comes to IVF and surrogacy projects.  Then, other times it moves faster than I can imagine! Everything seems to be harder when you’re doing it across an ocean and multiple time zones.

“The joyful part is yet to come…”

Brent: What’s the hardest part for you about the sibling project? And what has been the most joyful?

Taylor: The hardest part is just how unsuccessful our tries have been so far despite our efforts.  The first time around was so easy to get pregnant, and this time is so full of challenges, roadblocks, and necessary patience.  I’m getting a lot of practice in patience, which is good for me! The joyful part is yet to come, I expect! Also, having the continued relationship with my IPs and the twins is joyful.  That’s not necessarily part of the sibling project, per se, but I think we are in even more frequent contact when we’re working on a project actively. In the end, despite the challenges, I feel really hopeful about moving forward and continuing to try with our remaining embryos.

Brent: You mentioned there might be plans of going to Paris to visit? Any trips coming up?

Taylor: No plans to travel at the moment.  I spent the summer at home being a busy mom after graduating from my RN program.  We went to the pool nearly every day, taught all the children how to do their own laundry, you know, all the important things, lol! I passed my licensing state boards in August and now I am looking for a job and ready to settle into steady work for some time 🙂  Then again, I do tend to have travel fever, so I’m sure we’ll be heading over there sometime in the not too distant future, ha!

“I always really enjoy looking back…”

Brent: Our conversation is one of many I know you’ve had, taking a look back at your surrogacy journey. Do you like looking back? Have you learned anything by telling your story?

Taylor: I always really enjoy looking back, honestly 🙂  I have learned how important it is to continue sharing my experiences because it seems to move, touch, and inspire someone each time I share.  Also, as I’ve recently been doing some postpartum doula work for friends and family, and I’m realizing how much I’d like to be especially available to surrogate moms during birth and postpartum.  We surrogates have fairly unique circumstances that can benefit from some specialized love and attention. I think connections like this only come out of continuing to share myself and being open to other women and families sharing with me.  I’ve learned we are fortunate to have a strong and beautiful community of surrogates in our area, and I’m grateful to be a part of that.


Brent: Last, if you could describe how you feel about your surrogacy journey in one word, what would that word be?

Taylor: Grateful.  I just feel so honored and blessed to be on this journey and a part of this community.  I feel my whole life is sweeter because of finding surrogacy.

Thank you, Taylor, for sharing your story!

If you’ve thought about taking on this miraculous journey like Taylor did, feel free to chat with us anytime. We look forward to talking with you!

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