Margaret and Eric – Reflecting on Surrogacy Ten Years Later

Margaret and Eric reflect on their journey

On a brand new episode of Hope Works, we are so excited to introduce you to Margaret and Eric, a New York couple who reflect on their surrogacy journey a decade after their son was born. Before Margaret met Eric, she’d already been through a difficult fertility journey, facing obstacles that threatened her dreams of […]


Laura and Chad – Two Brave Parents Who Never Gave Up Hope

Laura and Chad share their story

Today, on a brand new episode of Hope Works, we are proud to introduce you to Laura and Chad, brave parents who never gave up hope and, with the help of a surrogate, welcomed their son into the world. Laura and Chad always knew they wanted to be parents, but they had no idea how […]

Kiran and Kumar – Overcoming Challenges, Believing in Hope

Listen to Kiran and Kumar's Episode here!

In a brand new episode of Hope Works, we are proud to introduce Kiran and Kumar, two parents who have faced incredible challenges to become parents. Press play now to hear Kiran and Kumar describe the events and challenges that brought them to surrogacy and how their own childhoods have helped them stay positive. Because […]


Surrogates, Parents and the Hope Team wish you Happy Holidays!!!

Happy Holidays from our Surrogate Community!

The holidays are one of our favorite times of year! Whether you’re celebrating Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, the New Year, or any another special day, this time of year is all about family and generosity. And there’s no one we know who is more generous than a surrogate who reaches out to help. And there is […]

Lori – How an Unexpected Delivery Became the Proudest Moment of Her Life

100% Heart

Listen to the latest episode of Hope Works! We are thrilled to introduce you to an amazing mom and surrogate, Lori. Press play to hear Lori’s story of carrying three babies for two different couples, how she got through some scary moments in each delivery, and why being a surrogate has made her more proud […]

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What To Do During the Pregnancy

Congratulations! You're pregnant! What now?

So, your surrogate is pregnant! Congratulations! The baby is on it’s way, and now it’s time to… what?… … … What do you do when your surrogate is pregnant? What goes on between the day your pregnancy is confirmed and the day your baby is delivered? You and your surrogate are going to have a […]

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Transfer Day-What It Was Like For My Husband, My Surrogate and Me!

“It’s literally just ten minutes… but that ten minutes is everything.” That’s what our last podcast guest said about her transfer. For our surrogate, my husband, and I, it was just a ten-minute procedure. But that ten minutes – that little step on the surrogacy journey – it changed our entire lives.   There are […]

Surrogate and Mother Lauren’s Story – “It Was Just Meant To Be”

Lauren Episode 2

Episode 2 of Hope Works is live! Today we’re so excited to introduce you to Lauren. Lauren is a surrogate mother, and a labor and delivery nurse. Lauren carried a beautiful baby for an incredible couple of intended parents. And she is currently working with them on a sibling project. Press play to hear Lauren […]

Amanda – I’ve Never Been So Proud

Episode 1 - Amanda

A Surrogate’s Husband Shares His Surrogacy Journey

When you imagine surrogacy, most people imagine the incredible, life-changing journey parents go through with the woman who carries their child. The center of the surrogacy journey is definitely the relationship between surrogates and their intended parents. What many people don’t think about is the critical role of the surrogate’s partner. Every step of the […]