When a Surrogate Finds Out She’s Pregnant…

In the world of surrogacy, the day a surrogate finds out she’s pregnant is a turning point in the surrogacy journey unlike any other. All of it – the match meeting, the appointments, the clinic visits, the shots – it all leads up to this: Are you pregnant?

The journey to transferring an embryo to a surrogate is long. Parents have kept the love for their future kids alive for years, coming to surrogacy for the hope of the children they long to hold. And surrogates meet those parents with incredible generosity. But with all of the planning and meetings and science that make surrogacy possible, it all comes down to one question days after the embryo is transferred – Are you pregnant?

Surrogates Share In Their Own Words

The moment you find out if you’re pregnant is full of so much emotion, we had to ask surrogates themselves to describe it. We asked a few surrogates – “Can you describe what was it like the moment you found out you were pregnant with your intended parent’s baby?”

Here’s what they said:

“I think I was in disbelief that it worked, haha. I was shocked, but a happy shocked!” – Denise

“If I’m 100% honest, every single time I was like, ‘Holy sh*t!” – Kerri

“5 days post transfer… There’s that little faint positive line you look at like 50 times to make sure it’s still there and test every day on at-home tests….then you’re so excited but wondering how you will keep it a secret 5 more days until the blood draw. 😉” -Sarah

“I started testing at home 4 days after the transfer and got my first positive test on day 5 although I had a chemical prior to this time so the whole second time was filled with trepidation. I didn’t believe it had actually worked until the second beta test!” – Jessica

Joy Joy joy, I am pregnant

“5 days post transfer after peeing on a stick, I was sitting in the bathroom feeling goosebumps go up my body starting at my legs, just waiting to be able to see the First Response urine test hoping with everything there would be 2 lines. Sure enough, but very faint…. 2 lines!!! I shared the news ASAP with my IPs and waited patiently (sorta haha) for the blood draw to confirm. When that was confirmed it was a breath of fresh air and I kept looking to the next milestone of the journey with excitement. ☺️🤗” – Jehvana

“Excited and terrified!! I felt more nervous for my surro babies. I just wanted to make sure I kept them safe and healthy.” – Chelsie

“I felt relieved (since the first transfer didn’t work). I was so excited, happy, blessed, ecstatic, butterflies, etc. Because our first transfer didn’t work, I was very superstitious and didn’t want to press our luck, so I didn’t take a pregnancy test until day 10 post transfer, blood draw day. (I felt much different with our 2nd transfer so I was very confident we were prego.) With my IPs being out of the country, my plan was to tell them with a picture of my positive pregnancy test, but our fertility clinic told them over email instead.😭😬” – Crystal

“I feel like I just knew it would be positive, and then when I saw the pregnancy test results on day 5 post transfer – I just screamed with joy, my heart beating so fast. All we had dreamed of was happening! 😊🤗” – Jessica

Staying Hopeful

Finding out you’re pregnant as a surrogate is incredible. It’s the moment you wait for. But it doesn’t happen at every single transfer. Lauren bravely shared about her recent transfer that didn’t work on an episode of Hope Works. Lauren was working with her IPs on a second surrogacy journey.

“We were very, very hopeful,” Lauren shared. “Last time on day 4 there was a positive pregnancy…and this time on day four… nothing.”

“Then you start driving yourself crazy with those pregnancy tests, because I care very, very much.” Lauren talked about that experience and how she and her IP’s are moving forward. “The IP’s and I have been in contact every day… My husband and I just fell in love with them [when we met]…. We have so much in common… so we’re going to try again. We have hope.”

When you find out whether or not you’re pregnant, you find out what your next steps are. You either start looking ahead toward delivery day, or you take a step back and look at your options. At Hope Surrogacy you are surrounded by the resources you need to make a plan and head into the future with your family. We will celebrate a positive pregnancy test, or we will help work on your options for what’s next if your transfer isn’t successful. No matter what, we’re here for you every step of the way!

This blog post is part of a series describing each part of the Surrogacy Timeline. Check out this blog post  to start from the beginning and read along to find out what it takes to make your surrogacy dreams come true!

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