Surrogate and Mother Lauren’s Story – “It Was Just Meant To Be”

Episode 2 of Hope Works is live! Today we’re so excited to introduce you to Lauren. Lauren is a labor and delivery nurse, a mom, and a surrogate for an incredible couple of intended parents. Press play to hear Lauren tell the story of her amazing surrogacy journey!

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“We’re going to try again. We have hope.”

Hope Works is a podcast where our host, Brent Love, sits down with a surrogate every two weeks to talk about her journey – the challenges and the joys. In this episode, Lauren shares the joy of carrying a beautiful baby for parents she adores. She also bravely shares the harsh reality of an embryo transfer that didn’t work as she and her intended parents move forward with plans for a sibling project (a.k.a., an attempt at a second surrogacy to carry a sibling).

“We’re going to try again,” Lauren shares. “We have hope.”

Lauren shares the nerves she felt on the day she met her intended parents – “We drove by the building and saw what we assumed was their car… and I was like, ‘Keep going!… We need another run around the block!”. She also talks through some of her medical preparation for surrogacy. (Lauren described her experience with medical prep on our blog last week! Check it out here!)

An Incredible Perspective – Lauren’s Experience as a Labor and Delivery Nurse

Not only is Lauren a surrogate; Lauren also works as a labor and delivery nurse, helping hundreds of women deliver babies day in and day out. Lauren has actually sought out work with surrogates who are delivering in the hospital where she works, and in Lauren’s episode of the podcast she shares her experience working with these incredible surrogates and their intended parents in the most anticipated day of the surrogacy journey.

In the episode, Lauren shares how she prepares IPs and surrogates for that special day. And she gives a few questions she thinks IPs and surrogates might discuss before heading to the hospital for the delivery. (Lauren also shares what it was like to work with our host, Brent Love, on the day HIS baby was born!)

Bringing it all home.

While Lauren has seen all sides of delivery day, she brings it all back to her experience with the amazing mom and dad she worked with. She talks about the most important tool she thinks IPs and surrogates can have heading into the delivery of that beautiful baby – trust.

“I don’t think you can do this without trust,” Lauren says. “This experience we had [with our intended parents] with this past pregnancy is one of the best of my life…. We were so happy.”

Lauren, labor and delivery nurse, mom and surrogate

Listen now to hear Lauren’s story

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If you’re interested in becoming a surrogate or you’d like to know more about the surrogacy journey, send us a message! We’d love to chat with you and talk about how Hope Works!

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