A Surrogate, Jehvana, Shares Memories With Her Intended Parent

We can’t believe it! It’s already time for the SEASON FINALE of Hope Works! That’s right. This is the final episode of Season One. This season, we couldn’t be more proud to introduce you to seven amazing women who have carried babies as surrogates. So, who is the guest for our final episode of the season? Well… she’s MY surrogate. Press play to hear me interview my surrogate about what it was like to carry our baby.

Better Than We Imagined

My husband and I met our surrogate, Jehvana, and her husband a couple of years ago. The journey has been better than any of us could have imagined. Now, our daughter is about to turn one year old. Looking back to this time last year, we’re all full of memories we’ll never forget.

In this episode, we talk together about meeting each other for the first time, our pregnancy, and the most amazing day of all, delivery.

“You guys were just so eager and so excited,” Jehvana said. “And I was just like, let’s do this! You know… delivery for me is like when you train for a marathon. The pregnancy is like training for a marathon, and the delivery day is the marathon. So I had my game face on. I might as well have had eye black on. It was Go Time. I was just excited. I was ready to start the race.”

What Surprised Our Surrogate

There were so many parts of the surrogacy process that Jehvana was surprised by, parts she hadn’t considered before she started the journey.

“I didn’t think [before I signed up], that I would have to go through IVF, just like some of my friends had to go through,” Jehvana said. And the shots… “Those were pretty gnarly… the oil that goes in… it wasn’t the most… pleasant.”

And there were emotional surprises, too.

“What surprised me with this journey, was that I was so focused on helping you become parents. But when I went up to your baby shower, and some of your family was there. And they were hugging me, and some were sobbing and thanking me, it opened my eyes up… It’s even more than I thought. It’s such a good feeling.”

Nothing compares...

Being Part of Something Good

“There are so many bad stories that you hear going on around the world. To be able to be a part of something this good is just the best feeling,” Jehvana said.

“And now I get to see my friends become parents. And it’s awesome.”

Listen now to hear the entire conversation!

Thank You For Making Season One Amazing!

To everyone who has listened this season, thank you for making Hope Works such an incredible experience for our team and for the featured guests of our podcast. To Amanda, Lauren, Crystal, Chelsie, Taylor, Lori, and Jehvana and to all the surrogates we work with at Hope, thank you – for the love, generosity, bravery, and wisdom you bring to this community… not to mention the babies you carry into the world!

Stay tuned as we prepare for season two… featuring Intended Parents! You’ll hear what it’s like for parents of all kinds to approach surrogacy as their chosen path to parenthood. You can subscribe here or on iTunes here.

And you can listen to all of our past episodes here.

On behalf of all of us at Hope – Mary, LeeAnn, Amy and myself – we can’t wait to hear from you and to talk about how Hope Works.

Thank you to Seedtrust who has partnered with us to bring you this episode! Whether you are an intended parent, gestational carrier, egg donor, or surrogacy agency, SeedTrust focuses on establishing trust, building personal relationships, and maintaining total transparency throughout the entire collaborative reproductive process. On time. Online. Worry-free. www.seedtrustescrow.com

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