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A Thankful Thanksgiving – 8 Reasons Surrogacy Fills Us With Gratitude This Holiday Season!


A year ago we were sending out cards on Thanksgiving, thankful for the first months of Hope Surrogacy. Today, as we reflect on our work with the surrogate and intended parent community, here are 8 reasons we’re thankful for this holiday season! 

This Year We Are Thankful For…

  1. The women we’ve met this year as we’ve helped you become surrogates. It is the joy of our lives to meet you, to help you on this journey, and to celebrate with you when you bring beautiful babies into the world.
  2. The birth of beautiful babies!Beautiful baby at Hope Surrogacy!
  3. So many moms and dads we’ve met this year who hold onto love as they start the process of building families through surrogacy.
  4. A beautiful first season of Hope Works!

    7 surrogates told their stories, sharing triumphs and trials, joys and hopes. We are so grateful for all the women who shared and to everyone who listened and made this project so incredible! We can’t wait for season 2!

  5. Staying connected with surrogates. Whether it was the pride parade in Madison, our Open House, our Facebook Group, or a simple meal together, you are an incredible group of women!Hope Team And Surrogate Community At Pride Parade!
  6. Watching your kids grow up! When parents send us photos of their babies growing up, our hearts grow about 15 sizes. Your children are what this is all about!A visit with parents and their son, born through surrogacy!
  7. Our partners in the field! Whether it’s legal, medical, financial or mental health, the women and men who work with us are not only the best in the business, they are also a group of passionate, dedicated professionals who make surrogacy safe, smooth, happy and healthy! We are so grateful for you!
  8. This team. We have been working together for more than 15 years (and we’ve loved the first year of your work on our team, Brent!). What a joy to share these beautiful memories together. And when the work gets tough, we just get tougher! Here’s to another year of Hope!

Our Hearts Are Filled With Gratitude

Our hearts are filled with gratitude for this incredible community and the joy of helping you build families. We’re so excited for all that’s coming this holiday season and into the new year!

Do you have big family dreams for 2019? We can help! Send us a message and let’s talk about the amazing surrogacy journey!

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