Our Podcast is Live!

We are thrilled, elated, ecstatic, and over-the-moon proud to announce the launch of our podcast, Hope Works– A Surrogacy Podcast, which is now available for subscription on our podcast page and on iTunes! It is a labor of love, created by our team and the amazing surrogates who have incredible stories to share!

Hope Works is live!

Hope Works is a conversation about the amazing surrogacy journey. In each episode, our host, Brent Love, sits down with a surrogate to talk about HER surrogacy journey. She shares her biggest joys of the journey and the greatest challenges she encountered along the way. You can subscribe right now to hear the trailer and prepare for episodes to come.

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This season on the podcast…

This season on the podcast you’ll hear from one surrogate who met five different sets of intended parents along the way. At one point she even found herself walking through a zoo with her intended mom, crying through the most painful part of their surrogacy journey while their kids gazed at the animals. You’ll meet another surrogate who made it through a harrowing delivery and helped her intended parents as they spent 8 weeks in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) with their brand new twins. And one surrogate shares why surrogacy was a spiritual journey for her, a realization she came to through family experience and religious practice.

Our Podcast: Listen to surrogates share their stories!

We are honored to help these women tell their stories, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Listen to the Trailer!


A Conversation with the Host

After the launch of the trailer, our Co-Founder, Amy, sat down with the Hope Works Host, Brent Love, to ask a few questions about what it’s been like so far to work on this podcast:

Amy: Hi, Brent!

Brent: [Smiles] Hi, Amy!

Amy: I’m just so excited we’re starting this podcast. As soon as you said you wanted to create it, our entire team knew we had to work with you to get the podcast going. What sparked the idea of the “Hope Works” for you?

Brent: Well, I hadn’t thought of the name yet, but going through my own surrogacy journey, whenever I had a moment to kind of step back from it all and try to look at it from the side, it just seemed like a movie. Surrogacy is incredible. I still can’t believe it all sometimes, how magical and amazing each step is. I actually remember having a conversation with a friend of mine who works in news radio, and I said to her, “Someone needs to cover this story. It’s just so cool.”

And she looked back to me across the table, “You should do it.”

I laugh thinking about it now. She was so right. I was so busy at the time with other work, but as soon as I joined the Hope team, it was instantaneous. There are just so many incredible stories full of love and hope and incredible challenges and some very dark times that, with a lot of work and love, turn into light. I’m so grateful and honored that the Hope team said “Yes.” And I’m even more grateful to the women who told the stories of their surrogacy journeys.

Amy: I feel the same way. There are just so many incredible people. I’m so glad their stories will be heard in on the podcast!

What was it like to interview these surrogates?

Amy: Now, I know you sat down with surrogates and each one will have their own episode this season on Hope Works. Can you describe what it was like to interview them?

Brent: Well, first, I have to say how beautiful their hearts are. Each woman I talked to said yes right away. I was so nervous when I sat down to talk to the first surrogate, Amanda. And honestly, I think she was, too. I mean, Amanda hasn’t done radio, and I had all the headphones and microphones out. It was a big set up, and I could see how it would be intimidating. But then, she just started telling her story. Two things became evident right away:

One, this was super emotional territory. I knew it was. This is a precious, precious experience, a journey with big ups and big downs. Huge successes and huge challenges. We had just met, and both of us cried while we talked, and we laughed. Reliving all the years of her journey was a roller coaster of memory. It was wonderful and an honor to listen to her relive those moments.

The second thing that stood out right away was pride. Amanda even says in the episode, “I’ve never been so proud of anything in my whole life.” I get chills thinking about it. She delivered a beautiful baby for a beautiful family, and that little miracle filled her with pride, a pride that carried her through the years after that delivery where she met a few really tough challenges. I loved seeing her emanate that incredible pride in her role as a surrogate.

Amy: We love Amanda. She is so special –

Brent:  – Oh, AND she was pregnant, when we recorded, with another wonderful surrogate baby. So, we got to talk about what it was like on her first surrogacy journey and what it’s been like to work with this new set of intended parents. Just really cool.

Amy: And that’s just the first episode?

Brent: Oh yeah. I drove all over Wisconsin to talk to surrogates about their journeys. Recording these interviews is one of the greatest honors of my life. Just to sit with these women who have given this gift to families like mine. And don’t get me started on the episode with MY surrogate. I haven’t even started editing that one, I’m so nervous. I cried a ton and laughed. She is so special to our family. That will be a big episode for me.

Amy: Aw! I know that episode will be so great. We just can’t wait to share these stories. Surrogates are incredible, incredible women, and the surrogates who are part of this podcast are great examples of how amazing that journey is.

Brent: They really are. Every surrogate’s journey is so special, and the women who we get to talk to show that so well. And just wait… the first full-length episode is coming out so soon!

To hear each episode of our new podcast, Hope Works, make sure to subscribe here or on iTunes. And share it with your friends on Facebook by clicking here and then clicking “Share”.

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We’re so excited and honored to share these incredible stories, and we can’t wait to talk about how Hope Works.

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