Lori – How an Unexpected Delivery Became the Proudest Moment of Her Life

Listen to the latest episode of Hope Works! We are thrilled to introduce you to an amazing mom and surrogate, Lori. Press play to hear Lori’s story of carrying three babies for two different couples, how she got through some scary moments in each delivery, and why being a surrogate has made her more proud than anything else she’s ever done.

 “That was scary.”

“I tell people,” Lori says, “that being a surrogate and giving birth to someone else’s baby is magical.” But some parts of the journey were totally unexpected. Lori’s first match with intended parents (IPs) went so smoothly that Lori traveled from her home in Wisconsin to visit her IPs in Michigan while she was pregnant.

And then the baby decided to come early. “That was scary,” Lori said, “because here I am having this child in a city that I don’t know and I didn’t want to be there [delivering].” Lori delivered far from home in a place she didn’t know.

Still, she says “It’s the one thing I’m the proudest of in my entire life.”

It was 100% heart.

 “I wanted to do it again right away.”

How soon after that first delivery did Lori say she wanted to sign up to be a surrogate again? “That day,” she says. “In the delivery room.”

Moved by the experience of bringing a baby into the world for a set of amazing parents, Lori knew right away she wanted to be a surrogate again. So, she signed up to carry a beautiful baby for a second couple. She didn’t expect what happened next.

Lori did not sign up to become pregnant with twins.

You can’t predict every possible obstacle during your surrogacy journey. But you can make sure you have support for every possible twist and turn on the road to delivery. (That’s why you can call us anytime!)

Lori signed up to carry one baby for a couple of incredible parents. And when she ended up pregnant with twins, what happened next shook her.

“This wasn’t in my plan at all,” Lori says. “I talked to everyone. I cried to everyone. I talked to my husband and asked, ‘Why do I feel like I’m being punished?’ All my friends and everyone [supported me]… … and no one could tell me what to do.”

Lori talks in this episode about how she navigated this rocky road with her IPs, her family, and herself.

After all of it, she’s still so proud.

“Everyone should [be a surrogate] if they get a chance… and they love being pregnant,” Lori says. How did she go from a twin pregnancy she didn’t plan to being so incredibly proud of her surrogacy journey? Listen to her episode to find out!

In this episode, you’ll hear about a few major, unplanned turns in Lori’s journey. It is so incredibly important to choose an amazing team for your surrogacy journey. From medical to legal, we’ll help you make sure you can face whatever comes your way. We’re here to talk to you about your fears or hopes and how you can have an incredible journey to the family of your dreams. Contact us! We can’t wait to talk with you about how Hope works.

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