Bonus Episode! Lauren Gives an Update on her Journey as a Surrogate

When we wrapped up Season 1 of Hope Works, we had a feeling there were a few more bits of conversation we just had to share. So… today we’re happy to bring to you a bonus episode of Hope Works! In this episode, we’re back with Lauren! Remember Lauren? Lauren is a surrogate, a mother, and a delivery nurse who has helped deliver hundreds of babies. Lauren was the featured guest on episode two of Hope Works. (Don’t worry if you missed it. You can still enjoy this episode AND listen to Lauren’s original episode here.)

Press play now to hear an update from Lauren! Did she become pregnant? Did she and her IPs keep going despite the failed transfer? Are they still trying? Press play to find out!

Lauren has been through a LOT as a surrogate.

When we first talked with Lauren about her journey as a surrogate, Lauren shared that she was working on a sibling project with her intended parents. Lauren has already delivered a beautiful baby for her IPs, and at the time of her original episode, Lauren had already undergone an embryo transfer to carry a second surrogacy baby.

That transfer failed, and they lost the embryo. Lauren was devastated right alongside her intended parents. But through her tears, Lauren said she would stay committed to the journey. They made plans for another transfer in a few months to try again at pregnancy.

A Dedicated Surrogate: Catching Up with Lauren

So, did Lauren become pregnant? Did the next transfer work, or did it fail again? What happened next?

Lauren Surrogate Mother Delivery Nurse UpdateYou’ll find out in today’s bonus episode!

Go ahead! Press play! You’ll want to hear this!

Lauren asks the questions!

We’re also bringing you a special part of Lauren’s original episode that didn’t make it onto the podcast!

When our host, Brent Love, wrapped up the recording and turned off the microphones, Lauren asked, “Hey… don’t I get to ask you a question?” So, the two of them turned the microphones back on, and Lauren fired away with questions about what it’s like to be an intended parent having children through surrogacy.

“It’s the best thing I’ve ever done,” Brent says. He talks about what it was like to meet his surrogate, Jehvana, and how he knew she was the perfect match for her family. (We knew she would be! That’s what we do!)

Brent also talks about what it’s like to be a gay dad, and why that journey is special in its own way. We’re so proud to work with parents in the LGBT community, and we’re so glad we met Brent when we did, at the beginning of his parenting journey.

Thank you for listening!

This holiday season we are grateful for so much! And today, we’re grateful to the surrogates, the parents, and the community of listeners that has made this podcast so incredible!

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