Kiran and Kumar – Overcoming Challenges, Believing in Hope

In a brand new episode of Hope Works, we are proud to introduce Kiran and Kumar, two parents who have faced incredible challenges to become parents. Press play now to hear Kiran and Kumar describe the events and challenges that brought them to surrogacy and how their own childhoods have helped them stay positive. Because they are in the very beginning of their surrogacy journey, this couple shares how they stay hopeful in uncertainty. What do they wish for in a relationship with their surrogate? Press play below and listen!

Overcoming challenges! Listen to Kiran and Kumar's Episode here!

Catching up with Kiran and Kumar

This spring our podcast host, Brent Love, recorded this episode with Kiran and Kumar, and now the autumn leaves are changing here in the Midwest. A lot has changed for these intended parents, too. With that in mind, we wanted to check in with the couple knowing, of course, that they’ve come a long way, overcoming challenges, in their journey! Here’s Brent in a conversation with Kiran from this past weekend:

Were Kiran and Kumar matched with a surrogate?

Brent: When we recorded the episode, it was late spring (complete with freak snow storms :). It’s been a few months. So, how are things going for you both? Where are you at in the journey?

Kiran: Since we last recorded our podcast, things have been going really well and quite busy. First of all, we both have made changes in our careers that offers us new challenges and taking us in new and exciting directions. Secondly, we just bought a house this month. Yay!

As for our journey, I wish we could say that we got a call not too long after we met about a potential match. However, it ended up being exactly a year to the day of us from our initial meeting with the lovely people at Hope Surrogacy until we finally met our surrogate and her fiancé. One year of waiting, wondering and at times fearing it would never happen. Then we got the call that they finally found the perfect person for us. We were both excited, yet cautiously optimistic as things haven’t always gone the way we would have liked throughout our entire pregnancy journey.

What was your match meeting like?

Brent: What was your match meeting like? What were your feelings going into the match? What did you feel like after?

Kiran: Our match meeting was awesome. Ironically enough, we ended up meeting our surrogate and her fiancé outside of the Hope office. We had arrived a few minutes early, so we were just sitting in our car (checking our teeth for food) when we saw a car pull up beside us and parallel park directly behind us. In that moment, we all recognized each other, and this was quickly followed up with hugs, handshakes and a ride in the elevator up to the Hope office. Whatever nervousness we were feeling driving to Madison immediately disappeared upon meeting the two of them and seeing their warm smiles.

The next big step… Transfer!

Brent: For you, what are the next big milestones on the journey? And how are you feeling heading into those milestones?

Kiran: Our next milestone is preparing for a transfer in the next month or so. We feel hopeful, yet cautiously optimistic. It is very hard not to be reminded of all our transfers that initially started out well and in time, unfortunately led to heartbreak. Despite that, we are very hopeful and confident that our surrogate has been the missing piece to our puzzle and that we are finally on track to having the family that we have always dreamed of.

Believe in yourself!

Brent: As people listen to your episode, what advice do you have for other parents out there on similar journeys?

Kiran: Our biggest piece of advice would be to remain optimistic, persistent and patient through all of the challenges you will face. This has not been an easy journey for us. There have been many ups and downs over the past 6 plus years; primarily downs that have made us very protective of who we have shared our hearts and journey with. There have been several friends and family that have provided comfort and understanding. And then there have been those that have shared some unsolicited advice and at times ignorant comments. We are lucky that we are each other’s biggest source of support and if anything, this journey has brought us even closer together. We would tell other parents on a similar journey to believe in yourselves, trust the process and maintain a positive outlook.

A message for surrogates

Brent: Anything you’d like to say to surrogates?

Kiran: What you are doing for parents like us is indescribable. You are giving others in need the chance to fulfill their dreams of having their own family. You are allowing so many intended parents to build so many beautiful memories for the rest of their lives. It takes so much of someone to be willing to sacrifice their body and time for complete strangers. To all the surrogates, you are extremely selfless and brave women and clearly have a heart of gold. Intended parents, like us, will be forever indebted to you and grateful beyond imagination.

Thank you, Kiran and Kumar, for sharing your journey with us!

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