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How does surrogacy work? You will have the Hope team by your side every step of the way. We facilitate each crucial step to ensure you are supported throughout your surrogacy journey. Click each number below to find out more.

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Inquire & Apply


Learn more about the surrogacy process

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Consult with Hope Surrogacy

Office / Skype / Phone

Intended parents and surrogates tell us all about their hopes for the surrogacy journey.

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Choose Fertility Clinic

Intended parents choose the fertility clinic where embryos will be created.

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Psychological Screening

4-5 hours | Our Office

Intended parents, surrogate and her partner undergo separate mental health evaluations with our clinical psychologist.

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Personalized Match Meeting

2-3 hours | Our Office

Intended parents, surrogate and her partner meet; match is carefully determined according to legal and ethical priorities and desired level of involvement.

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Medical Clearance

Surrogate and her partner travel to fertility clinic of intended parents’ choice.

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Legal Contract

Both parties work with independent legal counsel to draft and finalize the legal contract.

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Medical Preparation

Surrogate works with the fertility clinic to prepare her body for the embryo transfer.

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Embryo Transfer

Parents may opt to attend while embryo is transferred to the surrogate.

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If the transfer is successful, the surrogate continues to be monitored by the fertility clinic for approximately 10 weeks before being released to her personal OB/GYN for the remainder of the pregnancy.

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Baby is Born!

9 months

The baby is born and goes home with the new parents!

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