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Learn more about the surrogacy process.

Typically it is approximately a 15-18 month time frame from when you meet your surrogate until you have a baby.

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Consult with Hope Surrogacy

Office / Zoom / Phone

Intended parents and surrogates tell us all about their hopes for the surrogacy journey.

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Choose Fertility Clinic

If not already established with a fertility clinic, IPs need to choose the clinic where the embryos will be created.

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Psychological Screening

4-5 hours | Our Office

Intended parents, surrogate and her partner undergo separate mental health evaluations with our clinical psychologist.

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Personalized Match Meeting

2-3 hours | Our Office

Intended parents, surrogate and her partner meet; match is carefully determined according to legal and ethical priorities and desired level of involvement.

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Medical Clearance

Surrogate and her partner travel to fertility clinic of intended parents’ choice.

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Legal Contract

Both parties work with independent legal counsel to draft and finalize the legal contract.

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Medical Preparation

Surrogate works with the fertility clinic to prepare her body for the embryo transfer.

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Embryo Transfer

Parents may opt to attend while embryo is transferred to the surrogate.

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If the transfer is successful, the surrogate continues to be monitored by the fertility clinic for approximately 10 weeks before being released to her personal OB/GYN for the remainder of the pregnancy.

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Baby is Born!

9 months

The baby is born and goes home with the new parents!

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What makes us UNIQUE?

  • We are SAFE: We are standing behind you and are committed to working Ethically, not only here at Hope but with industry professionals.
  • We are CARING: We are Personable, Empathetic, and Compassionate.
  • We are PROFESSIONAL: We know our stuff, we are Committed, Ethical, and Knowledgeable.

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The Process for Surrogates

The surrogacy journey has a lot of moving parts, which is why Hope Surrogacy is here to help you every step of the way. Our core values are professionalism, commitment, safety, compassion, and ethics. These values are the hallmarks of our program.

Keep in mind that all the costs of surrogacy are fully covered by the intended parents, from the medical costs to legal fees.

Becoming a Surrogate - Inquiry Icon

Inquire & Apply to Become a Surrogate

You’re curious about becoming a surrogate. You’ve found Hope Surrogacy, a reputable, ethical and professional Wisconsin surrogacy agency. You’ve taken the first steps toward finding your purpose and giving someone the greatest gift possible: a child.

The very next thing you’ll want to do is fill out our surrogacy interest form below. This is a no-pressure way to get in touch with us, let us know a little about you, and learn more about becoming a surrogate.

We know it can be scary, but we promise we will be there to educate you, support you and make sure you make the right decision for yourself and your family.

Becoming a Surrogate - Consult Icon

Meet Surrogacy Agency at Consult Day

The Consult Day is all about launching into your surrogacy journey with our amazing surrogacy agency team working for you all the way. This can be via phone, Zoom, or in person.

During your consult, we’ll talk about your hopes and dreams as a surrogate. We will also talk about the nitty-gritty details of what it takes to get to one of the biggest days of your life – delivery day – and beyond.

In some ways, it’s the day when your surrogacy journey really starts. The Consult Day helps ground your vision for the days ahead so that your dreams become a reality.

Becoming a Surrogate - Psychological Evaluation Icon

The Not-So-Scary Psychological Evaluation

As part of our commitment to surrogacy ethics, we need a professionally qualified record that all parties involved in a surrogacy process are of sound mind to participate. Both the intended parents and the surrogate will undergo a mental health evaluation with a clinical psychologist.

It’s normal to get a bit nervous when someone says you’ll be undergoing a psychological evaluation, but don’t worry, it’s not as scary as it sounds!

The team at Hope Surrogacy will work with you to answer your questions, make sure you have a professional experience, and that it goes as smoothly as possible. You’ll come away from your evaluation so much better prepared for your surrogacy journey.

Becoming a Surrogate - Match Meeting Icon

Meet Your Match at a Personalized Match Meeting!

In your Personalized Match Meeting, the surrogate and her partner will meet the intended parents. You will remember this day forever. You get to meet the people whose lives you are changing!

At Hope Surrogacy, we do everything we can to find you the perfect match. Our surrogacy matching process is carefully determined based on legal and ethical priorities and the desires of both parties. It truly is a mix of science and love.

We take into account non-negotiables such as your views on selective reduction and abortion as well as things like your life and other lifestyle considerations.

Becoming a Surrogate - Medical Clearnance Icon

Get Medical Clearance for Surrogacy

Next, the surrogate and her partner will travel to the fertility clinic of the intended parents’ choice for medical clearance.

As you can imagine, the medical part of surrogacy can be complex. Fertility clinics follow strict policies and procedures for the transfer of an embryo into a surrogate in order. This step is all about the safety and viability of a successful transfer.

During surrogacy, your safety is our priority. Hope wants you to feel well informed and well cared for. We’ll help you navigate the appointments, the timeline and answer any questions you have.

Becoming a Surrogate - Legal Icon

The Legal Process for Peace of Mind

Before you move forward, both parties work with independent lawyers to finalize the legal contract for the surrogacy process. Surrogacy is complex, but we’ll support you every step of the way!

We’ll help you find a lawyer specializing in reproductive law whose sole purpose is to look out for your well-being through the legal part of this process. And don’t worry, the intended parents cover the legal costs.

Believe it or not, signing the legal contract will give you protection and a sense of peace. You’ll know that your rights are protected and that you are on the same page as the intended parents.

Becoming a Surrogate - Medical Preparation Icon

Preparing Your Body for Pregnancy and Surrogacy

When you become a surrogate, you’ll be thinking about the surrogacy journey of carrying a baby for parents who can’t carry a baby themselves.

You’ve imagined that miracle of a moment when you will hand that baby to the parents in the delivery room.

But the surrogacy journey is a bit more complex than a traditional pregnancy. There are shots, doctor’s appointments, and of course, the transfer of the embryo.

Hope Surrogacy will help you through all of it. We’ll help you navigate your appointments and get the care you need.

Becoming a Surrogate - Embryo Transfer Icon

The Transfer of Embryo: It’s Both Magic and Science

There are so many months of preparation leading up to the moment when an embryo is transferred to the surrogate for carrying a baby.

The transfer of the embryo may sound like a complex medical procedure, but surprisingly, it only takes 10 minutes!

Your doctor will walk you through the process months before it actually happens. On the day of the transfer, the doctor will thaw and transfer the embryo. Once it is implanted in the uterus, with powerful science and a little luck, the embryo will attach to the wall of the uterus and start growing into a baby.

Becoming a Surrogate - Pregnancy Determined Icon

Pregnancy: Your Favorite Part of Surrogacy

If the transfer is successful, the surrogate will be monitored by the doctors at the fertility clinic for 10 weeks. Then you’ll start going to your personal OBGYN for the remainder of the pregnancy.

Throughout the pregnancy, you’ll go through standard prenatal appointments with your doctor, including ultrasounds and check-ups.

This part is where you will truly shine as a surrogate, and when the journey really starts to feel real and magical for the intended parents!