Bonus Episode! – Surrogates and their Families Share New Years Wishes

Hope Works Surrogates!

Press play to hear surrogates and their families share their hopes for the new year! Plus an update from Jehvana! Press play to listen!

Happy New Year from all of us at Hope Surrogacy! To celebrate, we’re bringing you one more bonus episode from Season 1 of Hope Works. This time, we’re checking in with Jehvana and her intended parent, host of our podcast, Brent Love. Remember where we left off? Jehvana, Brent and Brent’s husband Charlie were talking about trying again for a second pregnancy. Will Jehvana become a surrogate again? Plus find out what it’s like for Jehvana to see these two new dads raise their daughter who is now one year old!

(You can hear more from Jehvana in her first episode, too! Listen here!)

A Holiday Episode of Hope Works!

But first, before we get into Jehvana’s update, let’s celebrate! This holiday season we gathered together all of the surrogates from Season 1 of Hope Works (except for one – Missed you, Crystal!) They brought their families plus a couple of new Hope surrogates, and together we reflected on this amazing year and what we’re looking forward to in 2019!

Here they are, the surrogates from Season 1 with the host of our podcast, Brent Love.

Hope Works Surrogates!

Some special words from surrogate’s families.

Of course, we couldn’t resist the chance to hear from the families, so a few of our party goers jumped on the mic to talk about what it was like to listen to the podcast.

Here’s Jade and Brent sharing some memories on the mic!


Surrogate's Daughter Shares

We loved celebrating together – especially getting to meet the baby Amanda just delivered! LeeAnn got to enjoy a few cuddles before the party was over. Nothing like a new baby to bring holiday cheer!

Hope Surrogacy Team and Baby!

Is Jehvana going to carry another baby in 2019?

When they recorded Jehvana’s first episode, Brent and Jehvana were hopeful about what 2019 would bring to both their families. They hoped they would start trying again for a second surrogacy journey and a second baby for parents Brent and Charlie. So, how is their journey going today? Listen now to find out!

Plus, Brent’s daughter is now a year old? Jehvana reflects on what it’s like to see Brent and Charlie as new parents.

“Now you’re one of us!” Jehvana said, “You’re experiencing all the same things that parenthood brings.”

These two big hearts share their big news and more in today’s special bonus episode. Listen here! (Plus, listen to our previous bonus episode, and update with Lauren, here!)

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