The First Day of Your Surrogacy Journey – Consult Day

The Consult Day is all about launching into your surrogacy journey with our amazing team working for you all the way.

In some ways, it’s the day when your surrogacy journey really starts. Whether you are a surrogate or an intended parent, the Consult Day helps ground your vision for the days ahead so that your dreams become a reality.

For the past few weeks, we’ve been sharing a deeper look into the steps it takes to make your way through your surrogacy journey. We’ve talked about how important it is to get in touch and apply to Hope Surrogacy as either an intended parent or as a surrogate.

After we’ve had a chance to talk, we’ll set up your Consult Day. This is a BIG DAY. We look at it as a launching pad for the rest of your journey. It’s a day you spend with Hope Surrogacy that will set you up for the months to come.

During your consult, we’ll talk about your hopes and dreams. We will also talk about the nitty gritty details of what it takes to get to one of the biggest days of your life – delivery day – and beyond.

Both surrogates and intended parents will have their own Consult Days. This is totally separate from another beautiful day – the Match Meeting. (Check out our post on the full Surrogacy Timeline here).

So, what is the Consult Day all about? Let’s break it down –

We start the day diving into more of the information you shared during your inquiry and application. We want to talk about all of it. We’ll ask questions about your story – What brought you to this point? Who or what inspired you to take the leap? (We encourage YOU to write down your questions, too, and bring them with you to Consult Day!)

We’ll talk about your hopes and fears, lay them out on the table so that we don’t miss any of them, addressing each one and helping you work through them to find the solutions that work for you.

Then, we’ll spend time walking through the full surrogacy process together. We’ll talk more in depth about what you’ve seen on our Surrogacy Timeline. This is the first of many chances you’ll have to ask questions and get clarity on some of the more complicated parts of the process.

One big part of the day is spent preparing for your Match when a surrogate is introduced to her intended parents. It is not an overstatement to say that during surrogacy itself, the cornerstone relationship is the one between surrogates and intended parents. Every relationship looks different, but the Consult Day is designed to help you ask all the questions you can think to ask. We’ll bring our 29+ combined years of experience to this conversation as well so that we don’t miss a beat. After Consult Day the goal is for you to understand what to expect from the Matching process and all the support we’ll be giving to make sure you have an amazing match.

During Consult Day, we’ll also tackle some tough technical stuff. There are so many details, many you probably haven’t heard before, but don’t worry – we have. We’ll walk through the medical process, the legal process, the parentage agreement, financial agreements, surrogate insurance, and more. At this point in the Consult Day your head might be spinning with details, but don’t worry. We’re here. We’ve got this. We’re in it together.

Finally, at the end of the Consult Day, you’ll walk away with a plan. Together we’ll set out your intentions for your surrogacy journey, action steps for you to take, and all of the ways we’ll be supporting you on this journey.

It is an honor for our team to spend this day with you dreaming up the months to come and the day when a beautiful baby is delivered for a beautiful family. This is your journey, and we are thrilled to support you every step of the way.

Schedule your Consult Day by calling (608) 514-9150 or email us here.

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