Chelsie – A Mom on a Surrogacy Mission

Today on Hope Works, we’re honored to bring you a conversation with an incredible surrogate – Chelsie! Press play to hear the bravery of a mom on a mission to help two other families bring babies into the world.

Chelsie grew up in a Wisconsin village, a community of fewer than 300 people. Growing up, she had no idea that one day she’d meet two gay dads from the Czech Republic, carry and deliver their twins, and make a life-long connection across the world. The journey was so incredible for her that, when I sat down with her to record the podcast, she was pregnant on her second surrogacy journey with a mom and a dad in Wisconsin.

Listen as Chelsie Shares Her Story

In this episode, we talk about the inspiration that took her to surrogacy – a novel she read on a whim. Chelsie shares how difficult it was when people in her life didn’t understand her motivation, and she shares how surrogacy added new, beautiful memories for her, her husband, and her kids. Chelsie talks about the delivery, the c-section, the days after she left the hospital, and her choice to carry a surrogacy pregnancy a second time.

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How is Chelsea doing after recording the podcast? 

Since we recorded this episode, Chelsie delivered a beautiful, healthy baby for her intended mom and dad in Wisconsin. She has delivered three surrogate babies while working and raising three kids, so I asked Chelsie if she’d share a little bit about what life is like now after completing her second surrogacy journey.

Brent: You delivered! When we talked you were pregnant, and this summer you delivered a beautiful baby for a mom and a dad? How did it go? How did it feel compared to your first surrogacy journey?

Chelsie: The delivery went fantastic! The mom, the dad, my husband, & the sister-in-law (our photographer) made it for the delivery. Along with the soon to be grandparents in the waiting room!

My second delivery felt just as wonderful as my first surrogate delivery. I love seeing the parents being able to finally hold and take care of their baby. It makes the entire journey worth it. I have a smile on my face now just thinking about them holding their baby.

“Our relationship has grown so much since the delivery!”

Brent: What is your relationship like with your IPs, the mom and dad? Any pictures or news from the growing babe?

Chelsie: Our relationship has grown so much since the delivery! Mom and Dad send pictures weekly, sometimes daily. We have met for lunch, have been invited to the babies baptism in 2 weeks and will all meet up around Christmas time again.

Brent: Have you been able to share your second journey with your second IPs? How have they been through your second journey?

Chelsie: Yes, they have been very wonderful.

Chelsie - an amazing surrogate

“You’ve accomplished so much…”

Brent: You’ve accomplished SO much as a surrogate. You’ve touched so many lives and helped create life for three wonderful little babies. What’s next? Are you already setting your sights on other mountains to climb? Or thoughts of focusing in at home?

Chelsie: I’m hoping (my fingers are crossed) that my second IPs will be interested in doing a sibling project. I’m not done being a surrogate yet. I absolutely LOVE being pregnant and love the challenge of getting my body back in shape after the pregnancy. I asked the IP mom if I should give away my pregnancy clothing and she said I should keep them. The baby’s only 10 weeks old so we shall see.

Heading to Prague

Brent: You mentioned in the podcast that you have plans to visit your first IPs in Prague this spring. That’s coming up soon! How’s planning going? Anything you’re really excited about seeing or doing on that trip?

Chelsie: My daughter & sister are coming with me. We’re so excited! Our passports just came in the mail, and I’ve been talking about dates with my first IPs.

When I woke up this morning I had a message from my first IPs wishing me happy transfer anniversary today! I’m most excited just to see my the guys with their kids, & being able to spend time with them.

“Surrogacy is the most amazing and beautiful journey!”

Brent: Is there anything you didn’t get to say in the podcast that you’d like to say now?

Chelsie: That surrogacy is the most amazing and beautiful journey! I’m so thankful I have been able to be a part of 2 wonderful journeys. And I’m hopeful I’ll be able to do it again. If anyone has any questions please reach out to Hope and ask them. You won’t regret it.

Thank you, Chelsie, for sharing your incredible story! To listen to Chelsie’s episode and our other episodes of Hope Works, click here

And if you’re interested in learning more about the incredible surrogacy journey, send us a message! We can’t wait to talk with you about how Hope Works!






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