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A Thankful Thanksgiving – 8 Reasons Surrogacy Fills Us With Gratitude This Holiday Season!


A year ago we were sending out cards on Thanksgiving, thankful for the first months of Hope Surrogacy. Today, as we reflect on our work with the surrogate and intended parent community, here are 8 reasons we’re thankful for this holiday season!  This Year We Are Thankful For… The women we’ve met this year as […]

A Surrogate, Jehvana, Shares Memories With Her Intended Parent

Our Surrogate Mother Jehvana Shares Her Story

We can’t believe it! It’s already time for the SEASON FINALE of Hope Works! That’s right. This is the final episode of Season One. This season, we couldn’t be more proud to introduce you to seven amazing women who have carried babies as surrogates. So, who is the guest for our final episode of the […]

When Our Baby Was Born – A Surrogate Delivery

Our baby was born.

One of our teammates, Brent, is a father through surrogacy, and his daughter is about to turn one year old! Our team will be together soon celebrating her birthday, so in honor of this surrogacy birthday, the beautiful day she was born, we’re reposting one of Brent’s posts from his own blog – a touching […]

Lori – How an Unexpected Delivery Became the Proudest Moment of Her Life

100% Heart

Listen to the latest episode of Hope Works! We are thrilled to introduce you to an amazing mom and surrogate, Lori. Press play to hear Lori’s story of carrying three babies for two different couples, how she got through some scary moments in each delivery, and why being a surrogate has made her more proud […]


When Things Get Hard, Remember You Are Not Alone!

You are not alone.

Over the past few months on the blog, we’ve been talking about the surrogacy journey. Surrogacy is an amazing, long, brave road that moms and dads and surrogates take together to bring a baby into the world. There are tough decisions to make and beautiful moments to celebrate. But sometimes on the surrogacy journey, things […]

Taylor – A Sibling Project in a Strong, Beautiful Community

In the latest episode of Hope Works, we are proud to introduce you to an amazing mom and incredible surrogate, Taylor.  Press play below to hear Taylor describe her journey with two parents from Paris. When we talked, Taylor was navigating a second surrogacy journey – a sibling project – with her IPs, and she […]

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What To Do During the Pregnancy

Congratulations! You're pregnant! What now?

So, your surrogate is pregnant! Congratulations! The baby is on it’s way, and now it’s time to… what?… … … What do you do when your surrogate is pregnant? What goes on between the day your pregnancy is confirmed and the day your baby is delivered? You and your surrogate are going to have a […]

Chelsie – A Mom on a Surrogacy Mission

Chelsie - Hope Works - A mom on a mission: A surrogacy Podcast

Today on Hope Works, we’re honored to bring you a conversation with an incredible surrogate – Chelsie! Press play to hear the bravery of a mom on a mission to help two other families bring babies into the world. Chelsie grew up in a Wisconsin village, a community of fewer than 300 people. Growing up, […]


When a Surrogate Finds Out She’s Pregnant…

When a surrogate finds out she's pregnant

In the world of surrogacy, the day a surrogate finds out she’s pregnant is a turning point in the surrogacy journey unlike any other. All of it – the match meeting, the appointments, the clinic visits, the shots – it all leads up to this: Are you pregnant? The journey to transferring an embryo to a […]

Crystal – Twins, Gay Dads, and a Journey That Changed Her Life

her journey with twins

We are THRILLED to welcome our latest guest to our podcast, Crystal! Press play to listen now to her incredible journey as a surrogate for two dads and their beautiful twins! Crystal is a surrogate who carried twins for two incredible dads. She had just said goodbye to the dads and the twin girls she […]