Gestational Surrogacy Process FAQ

Pregnant surrogate mother on couch

Gestational surrogacy is a complex and beautiful process that some families who are unable to naturally conceive and birth a child choose. At Hope Surrogacy, we want to answer all your questions and dispel some common misconceptions about the gestational surrogacy process. What is gestational surrogacy? Also called a surrogate, a gestational carrier is a […]


How Much Does a Surrogate Make?

Surrogate mother with two children snuggling on the couch

Surrogates are asked many questions by curious friends and family. Questions like “what’s it like being a surrogate?” “How did you decide to become a surrogate?” And, perhaps the most common (yet the most awkward to answer): “How much does a surrogate make?” or even “Why do intended parents have to pay so much money for a surrogate?”


Why We Don’t Use the Term ‘Surrogate Mother’ at our Surrogacy Agency

Surrogate mother kissing newborn baby

Mama. Mommy. Mother. These words are some of the very first we learn. They carry tremendous emotion and weight, especially when you long to become a mom or dad yourself. Words have the power to define expectations. That’s why we must use these fundamental words so carefully. You’ll notice throughout our website that we don’t […]


Ashley & Dave – 2 Proud Parents Who Never Gave Up

Proud parents share their surrogacy story on Hope Works!

It’s the season finale of Hope Works, and today, we’re wrapping up the second season by introducing you to two of the proudest parents we know, Ashley and Dave. When Mary first met Ashley and Dave, they’d already been through some of the toughest days of their lives. They’d hit mountain after mountain on their […]

Margaret and Eric – Reflecting on Surrogacy Ten Years Later

Margaret and Eric reflect on their journey

On a brand new episode of Hope Works, we are so excited to introduce you to Margaret and Eric, a New York couple who reflect on their surrogacy journey a decade after their son was born. Before Margaret met Eric, she’d already been through a difficult fertility journey, facing obstacles that threatened her dreams of […]

Michal – A Czech Father, a Wisconsin Surrogate, a Beautiful Family

Michal shares his story

On a brand new episode of Hope Works, we are thrilled to introduce you to Michal, a dad from the Czech Republic who flew overseas with his husband, David, to meet their surrogate over five years ago. Today, thanks to that incredible surrogate, Michal and his husband are the proud Czech dads of two beautiful […]


An Incredible Bond – Catching Up With Laura and Chad

Catching Up with Laura and Chad

At Hope Surrogacy we are surrounded by incredible people. The surrogates we work with at Hope are among the bravest people we know. What a surrogate goes through and what they give to the parents they work with is incredible. And it takes so much time, hope and generosity to make it through the journey. […]


Laura and Chad – Two Brave Parents Who Never Gave Up Hope

Laura and Chad share their story

Today, on a brand new episode of Hope Works, we are proud to introduce you to Laura and Chad, brave parents who never gave up hope and, with the help of a surrogate, welcomed their son into the world. Laura and Chad always knew they wanted to be parents, but they had no idea how […]

Amy: A Mom, Two Surrogates and One Amazing Journey

Amy Shares her Surrogacy Story

Today on a brand new episode of Hope Works, we’re thrilled to introduce you to Amy, a mom who’s dream of parenthood became a reality thanks to the help of two amazing surrogates. In this episode, you’ll hear how Amy’s journey began with her childhood dreams of motherhood. As a teenager, Amy received a diagnosis […]

Two Dads from France Share Their Journey – François and Jérôme

Two Dads Share Their Surrogacy Story

It’s a brand new episode of Hope Works, and we are proud to introduce François and Jérôme, two dads in Paris who had twins with the help of a surrogate in Wisconsin nearly a decade ago. Press play now to hear them reflect on their surrogacy journey. They share what their lives are like now, […]