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Chelsie – A Mom on a Surrogacy Mission

Today on Hope Works, we’re honored to bring you a conversation with an incredible surrogate – Chelsie! Press play to hear the bravery of a mom on a mission to help two other families bring babies into the world. Chelsie grew up in a Wisconsin village, a community of fewer than 300 people. Growing up, […]

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Transfer Day-What It Was Like For My Husband, My Surrogate and Me!

“It’s literally just ten minutes… but that ten minutes is everything.” That’s what our last podcast guest said about her transfer. For our surrogate, my husband, and I, it was just a ten-minute procedure. But that ten minutes – that little step on the surrogacy journey – it changed our entire lives.   There are […]

Lauren – “It Was Just Meant To Be”

Episode 2 of Hope Works is live! Today we’re so excited to introduce you to Lauren. Lauren is a labor and delivery nurse, a mom, and a surrogate for an incredible couple of intended parents. Press play to hear Lauren tell the story of her amazing surrogacy journey! “We’re going to try again. We have […]


The Legal Process – It’s Super Complicated, but We’re Here For You!

So, you’ve been matched. You’ve been medically cleared. You’ve flown through a whirlwind of papers and phone calls and assessments, and you’re wondering when you actually get to the pregnancy part. Don’t worry. You’re almost there. But before you move on to the medical part of your surrogacy pregnancy, you’ll need to get through the […]