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Surrogacy Terms You Need To Know

So, you think you’d like to become a surrogate or a parent through surrogacy. You sit down. You start googling. You see the search results and immediately start thinking, “What the heck are these words?” Gestational carrier? Surrogate mother? Transfer? The IP finds a GC, they make a match and have an ET? Sometimes the […]

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A Thankful Thanksgiving – 8 Reasons Surrogacy Fills Us With Gratitude This Holiday Season!

A year ago we were sending out cards on Thanksgiving, thankful for the first months of Hope Surrogacy. Today, as we reflect on our work with the surrogate and intended parent community, here are 8 reasons we’re thankful for this holiday season!  This Year We Are Thankful For… The women we’ve met this year as […]

When Our Baby Was Born – A Surrogate Delivery

One of our teammates, Brent, is a father through surrogacy, and his daughter is about to turn one year old! Our team will be together soon celebrating her birthday, so in honor of this surrogacy birthday, the beautiful day she was born, we’re reposting one of Brent’s posts from his own blog – a touching […]


Our Podcast is Live!

We are thrilled, elated, ecstatic, and over-the-moon proud to announce the launch of our podcast, Hope Works– A Surrogacy Podcast, which is now available for subscription on our podcast page and on iTunes! It is a labor of love, created by our team and the amazing surrogates who have incredible stories to share! Hope Works […]


Welcome Brent Love!

We’re thrilled to introduce you to our newest team member, Brent Love! Brent will be sharing stories right here on our blog about parenting through surrogacy. Today is his birthday – a perfect reason to for us to celebrate welcoming Brent onto our team! When we first met Intended Parents Brent and Charlie, we were […]