About Hope Surrogacy

We believe it’s possible. We’re here to give you hope.

Hope Surrogacy is a full-service surrogacy agency skilled at helping you navigate your path to parenthood.

Located in Madison, we work with intended parents in our home state of Wisconsin as well as throughout the country and around the world. Our surrogates come from the friendly Midwest states of Wisconsin and Minnesota.

As experienced, committed surrogacy professionals we are experts in all aspects of the surrogacy process. Our greatest joy is helping people grow their families.

Our Mission

At Hope Surrogacy we carefully match intended parents with gestational surrogates.  We coordinate the entire surrogacy process from matching to facilitating the important legal, medical, mental health, and financial components of a surrogacy matter.  Our team is committed to supporting our clients throughout the surrogacy process.

LeeAnn Schulz

LeeAnn Schulz

Operating Director & Co-Founder

LeeAnn’s background is in accounting. She enjoys numbers and spreadsheets but her true passion is dedicating her time to bringing intended parents and surrogates together for the unforgettable experience of a surrogacy journey.

LeeAnn has been married to Eric for 17 years and together they are raising three children. They have two boys who are 16 and 14, as well as a daughter who is nine. Having kids was always something that they wanted and they feel blessed to be in the middle of parenting craziness. Please feel free to contact LeeAnn at leeann@hopesurrogacy.com

Mary Murphey

Mary Murphey

Managing Director & Co-Founder

Mary’s background is in business, having worked in corporate roles as a logistics analyst, corporate facilitator, and in customer service. Over the past 14 years, she has had the joy of helping clients with no hope to fulfill their dreams of having a family through surrogacy.

Mary is a native Californian and a transplant to Madison, Wisconsin. She is a graduate of the University of California, Santa Barbara in Business Economics and has been married to her husband, Dave, for 30 years. She is also the proud momma of one daughter, Sarah, who lives in Boston, and one son, Graham, who is a recent graduate of Marquette University. Please feel free to contact Mary at mary@hopesurrogacy.com

Amy Kothe

Amy Kothe

Team Coordinator & Co-Founder

Amy’s background is as a pediatric physical therapist concentrating in the special care/pediatric units in Chicago IL.  She also worked as a PT in the Madison School District for four years.

Amy is honored to work with LeeAnn and Mary to bring intended parents and surrogates together for their exciting surrogacy journey. She has gained an interest in social media and IT needs through the years and is happy to share her skills with Hope Surrogacy. She and her husband, John, who are both Badgers, returned to Madison in 2005. They have two daughters who are currently attending the University of Wisconsin-Madison and one who just graduated. Go Bucky! Please feel free to contact her at amy@hopesurrogacy.com

Brent Love

Creative Lead

Brent’s background is in humanitarian work with developing communities around the world. Before joining Hope, Brent was working with refugees and their communities to tell their own stories worldwide. Brent believes that everyday people can do extraordinary things to change the world. 

“Surrogacy changed everything for me. Because of my surrogate, I became a dad!” Brent and his husband became dads to a beautiful baby with the help of an incredible surrogate, and now Brent works to make the world a better place for surrogates and the families they help build. You can find him on our blog, as the host of Hope Works, our surrogacy podcast, or you can email him at brent@hopesurrogacy.com!