5 Questions To Ask About Surrogacy

5 Questions to Ask About Surrogacy

You’ve made it. You started looking into surrogacy. You’re on a website of a reputable, professional surrogacy agency (the best one, if I can share my totally biased opinion!). So what do you do next? There are so many questions to consider.

The very first thing you’ll want to do is get in touch. It’s so easy. Send a quick email on the contact page here or pick up the phone and call 608-514-9150.

I’ve written before about how scared I was in those first days of my journey and how much relief and confidence I found when I finally sat down to talk to Mary.  So, whenever you’re ready, you’ll want to call Mary, LeeAnn or Amy and talk to them about YOUR journey. This call is the first step of many you’ll take on the surrogacy journey.

That first call can be a little nerve-wracking, but don’t worry. This is all about YOU – your surrogacy hopes and dreams, your family, your journey.

I’ve been on the Intended Parent side of the surrogacy journey. So, once you’ve talked through what initially prompted you to pursue surrogacy, I’ve got some advice.

Here are 5 questions I think you should ask when you get the chance to have your first conversation with Hope.

1. Ask about your biggest fear.

We know you have them. If you are considering surrogacy, we know there are worries that are hard to handle. Maybe they even keep you up at night. After nearly 29+ years combined in the surrogacy world, the women at Hope Surrogacy have seen twists and turns, navigated the biggest waves and some very hard moments all along the journey.

At Hope, it is 100% OK to talk about what scares you most about surrogacy. Is it that you have only one, very, very precious embryo? Is it that you want to be a surrogate, but you are afraid that your family or friends may not understand what this journey means to you?

These are big questions. Mary, LeeAnn, Amy… they are ready to help answer these questions to see if the surrogacy journey is right for you. They can help face your fears.

2. Ask for a great success story.

So, after you get through the tough stuff, ask for a great story. Without a doubt, whatever concerns you have, there is a success story the women at Hope Surrogacy have worked on, and we LOVE to talk about the amazing babies and parents and surrogates we’ve worked with. We, of course, won’t share the confidential details of the people we’ve worked with, but we can tell you how families made it through the high highs and hard patches of the journey, and how amazing it was to see the beautiful, new babies!

3. Ask what’s different about Hope Surrogacy from other agencies.

There are other agencies that work with surrogates and intended parents to navigate the surrogacy journey together. Hope is unique, and we’d love to talk to you about why! (Here are some hints: friendship, commitment, professionalism, connection… and more!)

4. Ask for a few conversation starters to use with your family.

Deciding to move forward with surrogacy will change your life. For surrogates, their partners… for intended parents and their families… this is a huge decision. It’s hard to know how to have conversations with those you love about this magnificent and life-changing journey. We can help. Go ahead and ask for some conversations starters. Use them at family dinner or for date night with your partner. A few, great conversations with the people you love can set you up for great days as you head into your surrogacy journey.

5. Ask to set a date!

When you’re ready, Hope Surrogacy will set up a Consult Day for you. This is a personalized day to meet with the Hope team, dig deep into your goals for your surrogacy journey, and make a plan for how to get to delivery day – when you’ll meet that beautiful baby! Once you’ve set a date, we’ll be working hard to match you and help you prepare.

It may seem like a lot, and over the course of the journey, it will be. But it all starts with a conversation. Call us. Email us. We can’t wait to talk with you!


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