The First Day of Your Surrogacy Journey – Consult Day

Consult Day

The Consult Day is all about launching into your surrogacy journey with our amazing team working for you all the way. In some ways, it’s the day when your surrogacy journey really starts. Whether you are a surrogate or an intended parent, the Consult Day helps ground your vision for the days ahead so that […]

5 Questions To Ask About Surrogacy

5 Questions to Ask About Surrogacy

You’ve made it. You started looking into surrogacy. You’re on a website of a reputable, professional surrogacy agency (the best one, if I can share my totally biased opinion!). So what do you do next? There are so many questions to consider. The very first thing you’ll want to do is get in touch. It’s […]

Navigating the Surrogacy Journey

surrogacy journey

Sometimes it feels like there’s no map. Starting the surrogacy journey is kind of like going to The Maldives. Imagine you want to go to The Maldives. Maybe you’ve heard of the islands?  Or maybe, at least, you’re now imagining some islands with palm trees, beautiful sandy beaches, a blue sky with a few clouds, […]

Waiting to Bring Our Baby Home

leaving for home with our daughter

Our surrogate delivered our daughter two days before Thanksgiving. The delivery was the most unforgettable moment of my life (I wrote about it on my own blog here!). Our baby brought magic into the world the moment she arrived. Magic floated around us for days. It filled the apartment where we stayed while we waited […]